Virtual Run during Pandemic


I wrote this post just after doing my second day run after a long break because of Covid-19 pandemic and some kind of lockdown policy by government since mid-March. Here in Indonesia we call this policy, PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar) or Large-Scaled Social Distancing. Actually we still can run during the lockdown time by implementing some protocols, but I decided to take a break.

I started to run again also because I have registered to a virtual run called Star Wars South East Asia Virtual Run. It is a multiple virtual run of 40 KM from 15 June to 30 September 2020. So the participants can run anywhere, anytime, and any distance then submit to the app. They use the LIV3LY app downloaded from the App store or Playstore. When we run we have to turn on the app so they will automatically record every run until we reach the total of 40 KM.

Just like in every virtual run, after we finish the run we will get the finisher medal or trophy. I was interested to join this run just because the finisher trophy. It is lovely crafted in Star Wars stormtrooper or Darth Vader figure. Actually I am not such a big fan of Star Wars, but who can resist to collect the trophy which celebrating 40 years of the movie.

Strava and LIV3LY app on my iPhone recorded about 4 KM run, just like what I am planning to. If I run about 4 KM each time so I just need 10 times of running. Not that hard for three months period (until 30 September).

There are a lot of virtual run like this Star Wars conducted by different organisers, especially during the pandemic, even much more. I already participated in many virtual run events since last year, my first run. I like to collect the medals and trophies.

Actually the virtual run misses some kind of the hype of the crowded when compared to the real run race. However, the virtual one is benefited during the lockdown time. Some races go to the virtual version to maintain the brand of the event in runners mind so when the situation is back to normal, the event still get the attention by runners. It happened to the new run race which is not so popular yet like Boston Marathon, Berlin Marathon or Tokyo Marathon.

Run happy and healthy, guys.

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